The Many Benefits of Aluminium Ute Trays

Image of aluminium ute tray

If you’re a trade person, a farmer or a camping enthusiast, you might have already considered investing in an aluminium ute tray for your ute. The primary reason to get one is the protection it provides for your vehicle. With a sturdy tray, you can easily and safely transport your goods in the truck.

What is Aluminium Ute Trays Used For?

Ute trays are typically designed to be sturdy and easily handle heavy loads. However, if you are looking for additional protection, aluminium ute trays are among the best options. They can easily slot into the back of your ute and protect the heaviest of loads.

A ute tray made of aluminium can easily stand the test of time, and it’s easier to load and unload goods from it. Also, you have the option of removing the sides, thus increasing the surface area to load your items.

That being said, here is a closer look at the many benefits aluminium ute trays have to offer:

  1. Additional Load Capacity

The additional cargo area provided by these trays makes them appealing. Extra load capacity means you can carry all the items you need, whether it’s for camping, business, or any other reason. In comparison to other utes with conventional tubs, vehicles fitted with aluminium trays can carry additional load from construction tools and furniture to other heavy items.

  1. Tray Options & Accessories

With custom aluminium ute trays, you can mix up accessories to your liking. These options are not usually available with factory-installed tubs, giving the custom kind an additional benefit. Both custom trays and tubs allow for lockable toolboxes as well as  ladder racks, but the former comes with more options like canopies, double-height or removal side rails, slide-out drawers, etc.

  1. Customisable

Most factory-installed tubs don’t have extra design options. Custom aluminium ute trays, on the other hand, allow you to specify the details of your desired tray, be it size, colour, finish or design. Also, you can add custom finishes like a glossy one, or a colour that matches the ute.

  1. Ideal for the Work Environment

Custom ute aluminium trays are better suited for work environments. They are more versatile, have a more loading capacity, and make your work easier. Whatever you intend to do with your utility vehicle, you can certainly benefit from the tray’s suitability for any work.

  1. Add Value to Your Vehicle

By investing in a custom aluminium tray, you add substantial value to your ute. This means when it comes to selling the vehicle, you can put a higher asking price for it. Utes with custom trays are some of the most popular in the market and will likely sell for higher prices.

  1. Boost Security

With an aluminium ute tray, you can equip your vehicle with additional security features. You get lockable toolboxes that help keep your supplies and equipment intact and also safe when you are on-site.

Aluminium trays for 4wd vehicles have become popular to many, which is understandable, given the numerous benefits they offer. In addition to providing an extra layer of security, these trays ideally provide extra load capacity, increase the vehicle’s value as well as its aesthetic value. So, if you own a utility vehicle, it’s high time you considered an aluminium ute tray.