4 Common Reasons Your Off Road Vehicle Won’t Start

Image of 4WD vehicle unable to start

Off Road Vehicle No Start Frustrations

There is never off road SUV that has ever broken down at a good time. It always bad timing when your engine chooses not to start. It could be early in the morning when you are going to work, late in the cold evening, or when you are up a mountain.

For the reasons why your truck won’t start, you could have done something about it. But for many car owners, it is only after a serious breakdown that you will try to do something about it. This is definitely a case of a little too late.

We thought about the number of times your truck would not start. We would not like you to go down the same path and that is why these start tips could not have come at a better time.

Lack of spark

Did you know it is from a mere spark that your car starts? Yes, this is true and a simple explanation to how your car gets to ignite. Without the spark, you could spend countless hours igniting your vehicle and never get it to move an inch.

You could try to check for the spark but most of the times this is a skill set not possessed by many drivers. You had better leave it to the experts.

Dead battery

Love it or hate it, dead battery is one problem that will leave you stranded on an isolated road. There are many reasons why your battery could be dead. May be it has outlived its time, the charge is depleted or the terminals are corroded.

It is for a good reason that experienced drivers carry jumper cables in their boot; you never know when the battery dies on you.

Damaged ignition

It is not an isolated problem for ignitions to be broken. However, you may not know when it is the case. It could be the reason why your car is not starting. If that is the case, there is one way to find out. If the headlights are turning on but still the engine does not start, the problem lies with your ignition. The battery is fine since the lights turned on. Do not try fixing the ignition, it is more complicated than it looks and you may end up doing more damage.

Empty gas tank

This is the least of reasons you expect your car not to start. From the fuel gauge you can tell when your gas tank is empty. However, many drivers are shocked when their cars won’t start for lack of gas.

Some fuel gauges are wrongly calibrated and would trick you into believing that you have plenty of fuel. Make sure you do not fall into this folly.

There is never a worse feeling than when your car won’t start. It could get your day started on the wrong foot. But now you know some of the reasons your car will not ignite. Stay on the know and tame the embarrassment your car may put you through.